Laslo Antal is a Hungarian-Serbian visual artist, designer, filmmaker and musician based in Berlin. He graduated from the Graphic Design department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Novi Sad in 2007, and continued his studies at UDK Berlin, where he studied Visual Communication and received his second masters in 2012, and his “Meisterschüler” degree in 2014. He is the recipient of several awards in the fields of graphic design, visual art and film.

Since finishing his studies, he has worked as a visual artist, cinematographer, composer and editor for the avant-garde theatre company Vinge-Müller, and as a musician, filmmaker and visual artist with his music projects Sixth June and Diesein, creating the full visual identity as well as composing the music for both projects. He also works closely with several international authors to illustrate and design their books, and was recently commissioned by The Architectural Review to produce original artworks for their magazine. Since 2017, Laslo’s focus has been on developing various projects in the field of visual art. You can follow his ongoing Visual Diary project on his Instagram page, and discover other projects on this website. More information about upcoming exhibitions will follow soon.